Getting results at work doesn't have to feel like an uphill battle.

Have you ever struggled to get buy-in from decision makers, your colleagues, or your customers? Although you're accomplished in your career, are you ever frustrated by running into office politics, hidden agendas, or hearing a flat-out "no" to your ideas, requests, or budget proposals? 

Guess what? There's a secret formula for getting results inside organizations that no one talks about.  

Imagine easily asking for what you know is needed and getting the results you want. What would life be like for you if your impact at work was bigger, broader, and more meaningful?  

The Influence Roadmap

Everything you need to get your ideas and recommendations easily implemented and increase your impact at work. Starting now.  


There's a secret formula for getting results inside organizations that no one has told you about.  

Want in on the secret? We’ve cracked the code. We know what you're up against. Getting results at work is complex. You're facing competing priorities, limited resources, and office politics. You're dealing with different personalities. You're dealing with incoming requests that move at the speed of light and organizational processes that at times feel as though they're moving at a snail's pace. And sometimes you're even dealing with hidden agendas. That's why we developed The Influence Roadmap® -- so that talented, capable problem-solvers can increase their impact by skipping the uphill battles and getting the green light on their recommendations and proposals with ease.  

The Influence Roadmap® is a systematic, practical, step-by-step process with concrete tools and a deliberate structure. The Influence Roadmap® takes into account all of the obstacles you're up against and gives you the secret formula to enroll decision makers, get buy-in from crucial stakeholders, and drive your ideas and recommendations through to implementation -- everything you need to get results and increase your impact. We’ve been teaching The Influence Roadmap® inside organizations to leaders and individual contributors who use it to get their best ideas implemented and achieve exceptional outcomes

The Influence Roadmap® has been taught in 24 countries and across the US to leaders and experts in technology, finance, healthcare, media, and education. 

  Before now, the secret formula taught in The Influence Roadmap® has only been shared inside companies who bring us in-house to train their top performers, high-potentials, and rising stars to get exceptional results. 

But we've opened the doors. Now you can access and learn this game-changing secret formula in the first open enrollment offering of The Influence Roadmap®  

Results: After completing The Influence Roadmap®, you can expect to...

  • Get buy-in for your proposals from crucial stakeholders
  • Enroll decision makers in your vision despite any initial objections
  • Handle everyday influence situations deliberately and confidently
  • Never again be caught unaware when it comes to organizational or office politics
  • Stay calm, confident and in control when the stakes are high
  • Drive your initiatives through even in situations where you don't have positional authority
  • Recognize saboteurs and neutralize parties aiming to block your proposals
  • Be more strategic with customers, colleagues, and decision makers
  • Increase your impact inside and outside your organization 

LIVE: May 4, 11 & 18, 12-2pm Pacific

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$997 or 3 monthly payments of $347

Fast-track Your Approval Interested in attending but need approval? Use this customizable email template to obtain your company’s investment in your attendance in The Influence Roadmap®. 

"We’ve sponsored over 350 engineers globally to participate in the program. There isn't another program like this out there -- other influence programs are either too theoretical or lack applicability to the day-to-day strategic work. The Influence Roadmap gives our application engineers a framework to use with our customers in an extremely competitive landscape. Nothing beats it. "  

—Gabriella Coplan, Sr. Manager, Global Technical Talent, Synopsys

What Is Influence and Why Does It Matter So Much?

The need to influence outcomes is a daily occurrence in your professional life. Influence is how you work with and through people to get the results expected of you. 

You might think of influence as the same thing as communication skills – many people do. But being an effective communicator is not the same as being a person of influence. While communication is a crucial part of successful influence, it is just one component. Your influence strategy and self-mastery fill out the rest of what it takes to get results. 

Whether you want your customer to say yes to your recommendation, your manager to make you the lead on your team’s next project, or you need to get the most from your peers on a division-wide effort, or you’re trying to get a proposal in front of your boss’s boss, your influence skills are what get the people around you to take action on your ideas and recommendations.  

The Influence Roadmap® 3-Step Formula Gives You the Tools to... 


  • The difference between simple and strategic Influence situations and how to put the right plan in motion for each. 
  • The 3 must-haves for every influence conversation and why you can’t succeed without them.  
  • The 4 critical categories of people who matter in your influence situation and how to get them lined up strongly behind you.  
  • 8 proven ways to handle tough road blockers.  
  • 10 reasons decision makers say no and what you can do to change their minds


  • How to FRAME an influence conversation in advance so that the decision maker is open to what you have to say.  
  • The 3 critical elements you must include as you PITCH your proposal that keep your audience fully engaged and interested throughout.
  • A proven method to GUIDE each conversation so that the decision maker’s concerns and objections become non-issues.
  • How to CLOSE a discussion cleanly so that implementation is assured.  
  • 8 tips and techniques to boost your influence effectiveness.


  • How to capitalize on your 6 main sources of power to boost your influence in the organization.  
  • Beliefs that cause you to fail as an influencer and how to turn those limiting beliefs into positive perspectives.  
  • The simple and powerful sound-bite strategy for getting yourself known.  
  • Tips for how to adjust your personal communication style so that you’re seen as a person of influence.  
  • A 3-step method for staying confident, calm, and in control when any conversation heats up or gets difficult.  
  • Your immediate next steps as an influencer.

The Influence Roadmap® - For all levels of leadership

As an experienced leader at the executive or director level, a manager on the rise, or an individual contributor looking to have a greater impact, the more honed your influence skills, the greater your ability to achieve the outcomes required of you in your role and to be considered an effective leader.  

The Influence Roadmap® is for you if...

  • Your hard work and expertise got you where you are, but to be more effective and advance, you need to get people to buy in to your recommendations.
  • You already have a high level of authority and responsibility, but you want to have an even bigger impact and know you need to be more influential to make it happen.  
  • You're in charge of deliverables, timelines, and milestones, but have no guaranteed resources and no direct authority. You have to rely on influence to get things done through others.
  • You know there's a better way to manage a process or run a project but others are not convinced to try your way.
  • You're responsible for the success of a program roll-out and you're being met with resistance or pushback.  
  • You know you want to grow your career but you haven't been assigned on a highly visible and strategic project.  

The Influence Roadmap® is for those you manage if...

  • You manage a team of knowledge workers or subject matter experts who are coming up against resistance when they attempt to get support and buy-in from others in the company and/or their customer base. 
  • Communication training has not resulted in a significant enough rise in performance and effectiveness.  
  • Your talent base needs to better understand the nuances of office politics as well as how to raise issues and effectively recommend solutions. 
  • Leaders in the organization are relying too much on positional power to get things done. You know they could be more effective if they were strategic in their influence of their team. 

"The short video clips for each topic, case studies and articles, and the WebEx meetings all contributed to a higher level of learning. It was one of the best programs I have been through."  

—Cindy Olsen, Chief People Officer, Rubicon Project

"The best online training class I have taken! I found it interactive, relevant, and convenient. I highly recommend it."  

—Mark Pellowski, SVP Finance, Informatica

How It Works

FLEXIBLE AND ACCESSIBLE The Influence Roadmap® is designed for busy people. It's highly experiential while also offering the flexibility and accessibility enabled by distance learning. The Influence Roadmap® 3-step formula is delivered through video modules that you can access anytime, anywhere, as well as exercises, readings, assessments, and live webinars that are recorded for playback.

3 LIVE INTERACTIVE SESSIONS Each live 2-hour webinar includes discussion, Q&A, real-time coaching, and case studies with expert influence coach Lisa Duerre. You can attend the webinars live or access the recordings. 

LEARNING BETWEEN SESSIONS In the program pre-work and in assignments between sessions, you’ll dive into short exercises, cases, and worksheets, complete 2 powerful assessments, and view module-specific videos to apply and continue your learning.  

The Influence Roadmap® has been taught in 24 countries and across the US to leaders and experts in technology, finance, healthcare, media, and education. 


Q: Why isn't it naturally easy to influence others? Why do I need this program? 

A: There are plenty of one-on-one situations where influencing does come naturally and easily. But for the majority of work that needs to get done within and between organizations, there’s often more than one decision maker and there are often multi-layered issues on the table. In many cases, multiple conversations are needed to get the outcome you’re after, and if you do achieve the outcome you’re aiming for, many individuals may be impacted. To influence effectively, you need to know not only who the decision makers are but who influences those decision makers. You need to understand what the needs, values, and even communication styles of the decision makers are. You need to prepare for why the decision maker might say no. And you have to be aware of timing. There’s a lot of room for mistakes, and the most common mistakes involve not taking the above into account. The Influence Roadmap® takes the guess-work out and provides you with a systematic, practical, step-by-step process with concrete tools and a deliberate structure to ensure your success.  

Q: What makes The Influence Roadmap® formula and program so effective?  

A: The Influence Roadmap® is based on what works. It's a proven model that’s been refined over time. It's a step-by-step process that can be tailored to each influence situation you encounter. The program is experiential, practical, and built for busy people. You move toward your goals throughout the program through case studies, coaching, Q&A and discussions. You integrate the formula right away in your real situations for real results in real time. The program receives rave reviews from participants not only on their program experience but also on their results. 

Q: Do you have an email template/justification letter I can use to obtain employer sponsorship of my attendance in The Influence Roadmap®?  

A: Yes, you can access it here

Q: Is there a discount for multiple employees from the same organization?  

A: Yes, organizations registering 3 employees or more for the same program dates receive a 20% discount on the program price for each registered participant. To register your group, please email us at and we'll get you started.  

Q: Is there a payment plan option?  

A: Yes, you can pay in 1 installment of $997 or in 3 monthly installments of $347. Both options are available on the check-out page.

Q: I'm not able to attend the live webinars but I'd like to take the class. Will the webinars be recorded?  

A: Yes. They'll be available within 48 hours of the live sessions.  

Q: I'd like to bring The Influence Roadmap® to my organization. Do you offer internal programs?  

A: Yes, we regularly deliver The Influence Roadmap® internally to organizations worldwide. Email us at to learn more about bringing The Influence Roadmap® to your organization to equip individuals and teams to be more effective and get results through influencing the right people in the right way at the right time. 

Your Instructor


An influence and leadership speaker and coach guiding and inspiring leaders worldwide across a variety of fields, Lisa Duerre brings two decades as a leader in technology talent development and customer success to her work with clients. 

Before joining LeaderXpress as Managing Partner in 2017, Lisa was an early adopter and repeat LeaderXpress customer, bringing The Influence Roadmap® into Synopsys where she headed up internal technical development and marketing for customer support programs. Lisa saw firsthand the difference the formula made throughout the organization -- taking customer-facing engineers with technical brilliance and equipping them to lead the change in solving complex engineering problems effectively through influence across their own organization and in their customer base. Lisa also credits many of her own strategic and leadership wins to The Influence Roadmap® formula, and she is called to "pay it forward" by bringing this program to as many leaders and individual contributors as possible. 

Lisa's success in business and her passion for developing leaders contribute to her consistently being rated "5 out of 5" by Influence Roadmap® program attendees as well as by leaders she coaches.  

Yes, I want the secret formula!

$997 or 3 monthly payments of $347

Fast-track Your Approval Interested in attending but need approval? Use this customizable email template to obtain your company’s investment in your attendance in The Influence Roadmap®. 

Group Discounts

  • Organizations registering 3 employees or more for the same program dates receive a 20% discount on the program price for each registered participant. Contact us at and we'll get you started.

What Participants Say About The Influence Roadmap®

"This [The Influence Roadmap] is an excellent training program to hone your influence skills -- even for those who believe they already know a lot about the topic. I could apply the learning from this program immediately to a real project situation."  

"Very relevant with immediate application."  

"I would like my team to go through the same class."  

"It was one of the best training courses: relatively short but very relevant and succinct."  

"This program [The Influence Roadmap] gives concrete tools for sales professionals for influencing and communicating with customers and in all kinds of situations, especially the tough ones! I felt that it dealt with really difficult issues honestly and didn't dodge the issues of politics and personal characteristics, which are often glossed over in this type of class. Also, didn't shy away from personal promotion - again something which many courses would not tackle or might be seen as politically incorrect."  


"I can directly use the content to be more strategic with customers and within our company."  

"The course material serves as a compelling reference checklist to help everyone in an organization communicate and work together effectively through difficult situations so as to get the best outcome for the company. It also helps each individual be more aware of and better prepared for crucial conversations and also be more cognizant of his/her own personal traits." 

"There are many useful and practical applications that would provide value to [our company] if deployed more broadly."  

"I found the mapping of your thoughts and the roadmap most useful. I am very visual and like the idea of having this right in front of me to consider when mapping out or brainstorming a project. I also enjoyed being able to actually use the roadmap to work through scenarios to see how I would be able to use it in real life. Most of the steps are very logical but we do not always know to put it together the way it was presented, and this helps." 

Praise for LeaderXpress

"The course materials and coaches with LeaderXpress are the highest caliber I have ever seen in professional leadership development. I have sponsored 40 managers through the leadership program and another 80 senior staff in additional programs LeaderXpress offers. I have yet to have anyone come back and say it wasn't a tremendous value add for them in their role and in their career."  

—Sue Flautt, Managing Director, QOS, Kaiser Permanente

"LeaderXpress programs have a certain interactive quality that makes them much different and better than other programs. I felt like the goals are clear and we got down to business. Be prepared to ask yourself some difficult questions and to be challenged."  

—Kimberly Kupiecki, Dow Water and Process Communications Leader, Dow Chemical

"I can only tell you that your programs, for myself and for many of my key team members, have been life-changing in many aspects, both in the workplace where we’re able to take on harder challenges and behave and respond in appropriate ways, but in my own personal life." 

—Debra Martucci, former CIO and VP of Information Technology, Synopsys 

Thank You to Our Clients

Yes, I want more results without the struggle!

$997 or 3 monthly payments of $347

Fast-track Your Approval Interested in attending but need approval? Use this customizable email template to obtain your company’s investment in your attendance in The Influence Roadmap®. 

LIVE: May 4, 11 & 18 | 12pm - 2pm Pacific

100% Risk-Free 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee  

We want you to succeed! And we’re confident you'll be thrilled with The Influence Roadmap® program. That's why you're protected by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied after attending the program and applying the formula and using the tools, simply let us know within 1 year of your program end date. We'll happily rush you a full refund… No questions asked.  

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Register now. You’ll unlock the secret formula and be on your way to greater results without the struggle.